antigua-barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

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Antigua and Barbuda

citizenship by investment program was started in 2012. Antigua and Barbuda are a twin-island state in the Eastern Caribbean nestled in the heart of the Leeward Islands. Antigua Barbuda offers many opportunities to start up a business in the Caribbean.


Citizenship Benefits

Investment Options

National Development Fund (NDF)

  • Acquisition of citizenship under the NDF investment option requires a contribution to the National Development Fund in the minimum sum of US$100,000 up to 4 family members to obtain citizenship. The contribution is in the form of a one-time payment.
  • To qualify for citizenship under the real estate option, the government requires applicants to make an investment in government approved real estate with a value of at least US$ 400,000 plus the payment of government processing fees and due diligence fees.

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