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Nurses Pathway to Australia

Nursing is a highly esteemed profession that plays an essential role in medical care. It is a vital part of patient care, from general wards to hospital operating rooms and nursing homes. Nursing requires a combination of skills and qualities, such as creative problem-solving, intuition, confidence, self-discipline, good assessment abilities, and communication. However, the most crucial quality a nurse must possess is a caring heart dedicated to the patient's well-being.

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    Why work in Australia as a
    registered nurse?

    Australia is home to one of the world's premier health systems, ensuring secure and affordable healthcare for all its citizens. With the nation's population both aging and growing, there is a substantial demand for nurses. The high life expectancy in Australia further intensifies the need for healthcare professionals. While the role is undoubtedly challenging, the rewards are significant. Whether you choose to work in a private practice or a hospital, a nursing career in Australia offers both financial gains and personal satisfaction. Embracing this opportunity not only enhances your professional journey but also positions you for permanent residency in Australia. In short, Working within the Australian healthcare sector promises a fulfilling and lucrative experience in your career. Enhance your career through IHM nursing.

    Programs offered

    Master of Nursing

    • Delivery Mode: On Campus
    • Course Duration: 104 Weeks
    • Intakes: March, July, and November

    To be eligible for admission to the Master of Nursing course an applicant is required to: Have completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree or an equivalent qualification; Be an AHPRA registered nurse; or Be a registered nurse with the Nurses’ Board/Council from the country of origin or place of residence and must have English Language proficiency. Enhance your career through IHM nursing.

    Australian Nursing Practice

    (Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing)

    • Modes of Delivery

    • Hybrid and On Campus

    About the GCAN-ANP Course at the Institute of Health and Management (IHM)

    The GCAN-ANP course is for nurses from foreign countries who want to become registered nurses in Australia. This program provides nurses with all the important information and skills they need to work as nurses in Australia.

    The GCAN-ANP course combines academic excellence, practical training, and flexibility to help you succeed in your nursing career in Australia. Enhance your career through IHM nursing.

    Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing

    • Delivery Mode: Online

    The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing (GCAN) program includes 12 specialty postgraduate courses that will develop your specialty nursing skills, competence, and professional knowledge. The course is accessible online and is instructed by seasoned lecturers and nursing clinicians.

    Participants will acquire advanced nursing practices to deliver responsive and specialized care to patients and their families in contemporary nursing environments. Graduates of the program will possess confidence in their capability to deliver high-quality patient care.The postgraduate specializations include:

    • Critical Care Nursing
    • Acute Care Nursing
    • Emergency Nursing
    • Neonatal Nursing
    • Paediatric Nursing
    • Mental Health Nursing
    • Gerontology Nursing
    • Orthopaedic Nursing
    • Diabetes Nursing
    • Palliative Care Nursing
    • Perioperative Nursing
    • Renal Nursing

    Course Details

    This course is for registered nurses with a Bachelor’s degree or comparable qualification and who are currently in practice.International nurses working in any country are invited to enrol in this online course. Enhance your career through IHM nursing.

    Average annual salary of top nursing jobs in Australia


    Benefits of Overseas Nurses:

    Explore the Australian Nursing context

    Australia has one of the best healthcare systems globally. Working in the Australian healthcare sector offers nurses unparalleled exposure. Starting your nursing career here, and as you accumulate experience and knowledge, you can enhance your career prospects.

    This can lead to opportunities in various prominent nursing roles that contribute significantly to both your professional growth and the Australian healthcare system.Enhance your career through IHM nursing.


    Improve your nursing qualification

    Nursing qualifications with bachelors with AQF level 7 will be up to level 8 with this course. Nurses with a Diploma AQF level 6 will be brought up to level 8 with this course. With an AQF level 8 qualification, graduates will have advanced knowledge and skills for professional/highly skilled work and/or further learning.


    Employment opportunities

    Students get access to amazing job opportunities with great wages, where they can cover tuition fees and at the same time save money.